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The FriFran Food Diary: The No-nonsense Way to Track Your Diet, Lifestyle and Symptoms

This no-nonsense 12 week ebook food diary will help you track and plot your diet and lifestyle over three months. You be able to look at the charts you plot and see if your diet and symptoms may be linked.
Inside The FriFran Food Diary you'll find:
  • One page per day where you can log everything you eat and drink, your medication, exercise, sleep, relaxation, your symptoms and how you feel
  • A summary page per week where you can note patterns, thoughts and ideas
  • A summary page every four weeks for you to round-up your diet, lifestyle, symptoms and any patterns you notice and things to looks for
  • Charts for you to easily log your key symptoms to look for clear patterns in your symptoms
  • After a few days or weeks you may start to see patterns emerge in the charts linked to your diet and lifestyle
  • When you see a pattern emerging, it's really easy to refer back to specific days to see what you ate, drank and what other notes you made
  • This food diary is a great tool for you to share and discuss your intake and symptoms with a health care professional
  • You can start your diary on any day of the year
  • This printable diary can print two pages per A4 or letter sheet
  • The ebook is in PDF format - the most accessible format.